Shadow and Light Corp.

We Buy and Sell Houses FAST

Rental or Buying Criteria


1.Income (must be working) must earn 3 times total monthly payment.

2.Time on Job 1 year or more.

3.Eviction history if Evicted will not qualify.

4.Credit history from must be 550 or above.

5.Pets: small dogs & cats $100 per animal, dogs 24 inches $200 per animal

6.Good payment history from prior landlords (family does not count)

7.Criminal activity (has not been convicted of violent or drug-related felony)

8.Involvement in lawsuits as plaintiff or defendant, other than divorce, child custody, or auto accident.

9.Smoking habits (outside of home only).

10.Ability to do work required.

11.Proposed payment vs. current payment.

12.Net Worth


14.Ability to close quickly.

15.Overall truthfulness in application (rental history and employment history).

16.Applicant has maintained previous residence adequately (will visit current residence as needed)

17. Current checking or savings account


1.Applicant files income taxes yearly.

2.Applicant does not owe money to the IRS (will not qualify for tax credit)

3.Applicant is not in arrears for a child support or student loan application

(will not qualify for tax credit)

4.Applicant has not owned a home or other property in the last 3 years. (will not qualify for tax credit)

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